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     Welcome to NOORWELLINTL PAKISTAN your one-stop source for your entire manufacturing products of any type contract needs. We are making contract manufacturer specializing in any type of products about horse riding equipment, active causal and gloves wear

    Established since 1992, over 3 decades ago and continuously providing high quality and standard services to the local and throughout the global market

    We strive to enhance your products design with the latest manufacturing techniques and the most advanced components available. Having active team with skillful workers to meet demand of most modern and traditional products. Besides the vast selection of the range of our products new designs are accepted subject to availability of material the specification are enhanced to meet our challenge for high professional performance. The business continues to flourish with in-house designers, production teams and quality controllers all working together to guarantee customer satisfaction

    We are capable of taking your concept, developing market-ready prototypes, and getting to production within punctuation of time inception

    The expert design staff at NOORWELLINTL has nearly 20 years of combined expertise in designing products for the field of horse riding equipment. Whether you send us a conceptual products picture , we will work closely with you to design your product, or refine an existing one. Our friendly staff is dedicated to providing you with attentive, professional service; you can be assured that all of your concepts, designs, and products are strictly confidential. Our goal is to blend your requirements into a product that performs its function and looks great

    Your design or ours, we have a dedicated good typing department capable of producing quality good types to meet your needs. We pride ourselves at taking your concept and turning it into a hands-on product in a timely manner, usually within a good and punctual time

    At NOORWELLINTL (HORSE RIDING EQUIPMENT, ACTIVE CAUSEL AND GLOVES WEAR), we are serious about getting you 100% useable products on time. After we have completed the design process (or received your existing product) we do a thorough documentation of the product and process. This documentation is reviewed and signed off by the Lead Designer, Production manager, and Purchasing Manager. We use these documents for costing purposes, but more importantly, as a “recipe” to insure consistent product quality from lot to lot. In addition, prior to your first production run, we build two samples. These “Gold Samples” are shipped to you for approval. Once approved, you keep one for your incoming inspection, and the other is returned to us for our Quality Assurance department to use in our inspection process. Even though we operate as a job shop, we stock hundreds of styles of metal and plastic buckles and buttons, many styles of synthetic and cotton fabrics, as well as most styles of webbing, zipper, and hook and loop fasteners


    We produce the garments in one of the best fabrics of 100%Cotton, Polly/Cotton 65-35, 100 Polyester. We also produce the garments for extreme conditions

    Gained good reputation in world markets due to high quality products at competitive prices DIRECT FACTORY PRICES & timely deliveries

    THE THREE Cs Confidentiality. Customers. Capabilities

    We understand that your concepts, designs and finished products are, well, yours. We pride ourselves in our reputation as being honest and trustworthy. Before submitting your ideas to us

    In addition to design, cut and sew, there are many contract services offered by MAIRA WEARS including: Die Cutting; Label Replacement; Bar Tacking; Screen Printing; Embroidery; Heat Sealing; and Grommeting and Snapping



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